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Here's what our subscribers are saying

Before I took coaching session notes in a notepad, put them in a Word Doc, sent notes and resources out by email, etc... It was an inefficient process! Now everything is in and I easily save 20 minutes (likely much more) per season and hae a lot less headaches!

Marc M.

I LOVE this platform! It is a super intuitive to use. Well laid out. I like the fact that you can add your own accountability questions and that it provides some other accountability questions that you can share. Also, love the fact that you can include the ZOOM link and that the email that gets sent to the client right after the session has my logo up top and looks super cleant and professional. A client just wrote that these notes "were a gift I love everything so far! I believe that this platform will take my coaching practice to a new level!

Robyn H.

ClientFol helps me create more impact with less effort! - Super easy to setup and use, and the client support is SUPER RESPONSIVE and helpful! I also love the feature that with one button, the system will auto-generate an email to my clients with their session notes, homework and accountability questions/answers, along with stats of their performance. That's so powerful on so many lavels!

Tom J.